Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The need for repentance..

THEY are keen on the word REPENTANCE. I listen to THEIR conversation sometimes on Wednesday evenings. I do know it is an inclusive group, I know that Rev Liz Kitching is blessing pets at Cloughton, but I still feel an outsider in my own home sometimes. There's just too much talk and not enough out in the world doing stuff. I've heard THEM say that too.
I am using a small r in my title. I dont feel the need for the BIG R.What I have done doesn't make me a bad cat. After all , I've lived a good life and not hurt anybody much. Lots of cats are much worse than me, scratching things and leaving a mess and getting up to no good at the dead of night. 
BUT I feel tonight I had better just apologise for a few things, just because I am a well mannered feline, and need feeding every day , and a place to lay my head.

  • I have erred and strayed- only into the shower room , but (let the reader understand) its is out of bounds in the interest of Health and Safety
  • I have eaten all the bread put out for the sparrows, and the stale butterfly buns left over from an OCCASION
  • I have misled you all with the business of the BLUE FLAG. Sorry we have not got one anymore. It was taken away from us 10 days ago, and it WAS NOT MY FAULT. I did not pee in the sea and our drains all go down the right pipes- THE VERY IDEA
  • I have done a few more things I ought not to have done, and the burden of them is a bit intolerable, but only a bit. 
So you can see the that a small r is quite ok. And I am sorry. I am working up to the big R, but am going to have to listen in to a few more Wednesday nights, read a bit more Corrie ten Boom and listen out for the PNEUMA*  whatever that is !

* I am not a Hebrew Scholar, but can look up Greek in  my Teach Yourself Greek Book, Ruarch is the Hebrew word. I don't mind which comes to me first.Actually SHE likes 'The Shack' , it explains Holy Spirit quite well. 

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