Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A Prophecy for you

Well now you know what will be. I am going to be beatified. Living here with over 60's has been my training ground. I know their foibles. I can read HIS moods and HER moods. I know what pleases them ,and I spend my days devoting myself to their needs. I know that one day it will all be written down and called something like ' The practice of the presence of a divine feline' or 'Confessions of St Samson', or 'Revelations of the love of Divine chocolate' or 'Canticle of the cat creatures'.
In the meanwhile I will just be purrfect.

Friday, 6 February 2009

It was lovely to see you

I really enjoyed your visit. Thank you for all the provisions you got to ensure that I get some decent food. I don't really like the dried stuff. SHE only likes it because it is easy to use and so SHE doesn't have to wash up messy bowls. Thank you too for the feather ball on the stick. I will enjoy watching and listening as SHE tries to use it to encourage me to be playful. What does she think I am, a Kitten.I know you got it for all the right reasons. You want me to have more exercise, and it will be good for my stretching and feline pilates. SHE is really pleased with those quality dishes and plates you bought for HER and HIM. They used them tonight as they ate their Kedgeree. (The skin is on a bowl outside the back door, but I am pretending I haven't seen it). SHE said to HIM that THEY loved their day out in Whitby.
Here is a picture of me contemplating what is forbidden and banned.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Meet me in the kitchen

I am really glad you have come to see me. YOU and other HIM. I have missed you. If you come into the kitchen you will see that my bowl is empty. The pouches are in the bag by the side of the fridge...Please Ben