Saturday, 22 November 2008

I have done the things I ought not to have done..

I am in disgrace again. I have been into Upper Story again. All those waiting around tactics, looking nonchalent , bored even seem to have had the desired effect. Except it has gone disasterously wrong. SHE left the white door open this morning. SHE always forgets something when SHE goes out. Sometimes it is her glasses, sometimes her lipstick, sometimes its her correct footware. Mostly something like the aforementioned, something totally unimportant and trivial. Today however SHE got it just right , or should that be wrong. SHE forgot her Vanishing Cream. In her supreme effort to protect her skin from the harsh cold wind, the snow flakes and the ravages of time she was lax, and forgot to shut the white door.
I made a move, silent , surreptitious and stealthy. Where did I go what did I find , how far did I get? Not far I'm afraid , just to that room with all those books. HE found me within minutes as he went to put on a third vest . I now have a taste for adventure. I am waiting around, looking nonchalent, bored even.....

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I am going to the pictures now. Well you know what I mean, there is a correct term for what I mean, cinema or moving pictures, you may choose. I have heard that some of the old ones are the best. So here I am. I have been watching this film for ages, I tried to join in with it but it would not let me in. I am under 18 of course, and THEY are a law abiding household.