Monday, 26 September 2011

The Conference season

Well it might be that season for speeches, although I notice that Seaside venues are no longer de rigueur by the political parties of this island nation. I would have thought that Filey could  have been a really suitable venue for a gathering of the nations top political dogs, after all the top cats are here.
Filey has plenty of Band B accommodation of the sort that ordinary people like-clean and good value for money, and wifi when the wind is in the right direction ,and plenty of parking for the Media. After all Filey was the place of Sugartown and Nick Cranes Coast.
It is a good place to shop ,to buy presents for wags or habs*, of phallic rock novelties, and craft necklaces , or Chocs from our well loved shop Sterchis  now in Hope Street.
Filey is also an ideal place for transport links to London or Newcastle, has a landing strip for personal jets at Grindale and a Roman jetty and plenty of places to eat before 6pm.

I of course would make a good politician. I am good to look at, have no trouble speaking my mind, am loyal and well read. Although I have not been to a Public School  I know how to behave in Public, have good manners, and am upright and principled. I have had a small op so am in no danger of being led astray by bad company. 
I am not sure which Political Party is best suited to my talents to lead. I dont like red , blue or orange, green is more my colour, but as a realist I know it is apt to get lost in a garden. 
 I will give it some thought

*Habs- husbands and boyfriends

Friday, 9 September 2011