Sunday, 27 June 2010

I am going to get some football boots

I am so upset. No cheers from the sitting room.  SHE and HE are very downcast. THEY think the England football team ought to be paid by results.  That should do the trick!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Exciting Day

I have been here 2 years now. I have definitely mastered this house, the inhabitants, the neighbours, and the small park in which to lose myself .  
I am very sorry that the really lovely HER from Anchorage has died . She was the best person around to understand how I felt. She was a real feline lover , not just a get on with it sort like HIM and HER here at Kiaora. I will try and be really kind to her Black and White  feline friend and make sure he never gets any Fish as it makes him ill.

A 24' totem pole has today been erected just over the wall from my dwelling. I enjoyed watching it arrive and the ensuing banter, tea break, skill with drill  and pop into slot that went on. Only half a mornings work too. Well done the Workmen of England, you are more skilled than your country's football team.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Watching for Herring Gulls

SHE spotted me on the RED thing this morning when SHE finally graced HIM and I with HER presence. 
I think it amazed HER that I could actually jump up and look so nonchalant. I expect in HER minds Colour Wheel the juxtaposition of my steely gray  against the red of the moving one pleased HER.

I have a reason for doing everything. I am not a creature of whim and fancy. I am deliberate, calculating  and premeditated in my every move.  I didnt just jump up to make a Calendar picture or a Still life with CAT. I was defending the castle. They will thank me when they realise. I am scaring off the Herring Gull who has been cavorting with another one on  the roof  above the kitchen , and all the time doing it from the Bonnet of the red thing every morning . I don't have to stand up for Myself, for SHE has just spotted the sandy webbed footprints on the bonnet and knows THEY were here first. She now knows I am indispensable.