Friday, 25 July 2008


I have started going further afield. You see, you have been my inspiration , going to Wales and exploring coal mines and mountains, valleys and all things Celtic. I too have been exploring. I have been to greenhouse via the sweet peas, and climbed to my usual seat on the old dressing table stool. Just to show you that I am truly versatile I can now get in through the window. I have climbed the highest mountain in the vicinity, is is called Compost Bin and is 20.3m above sea level. I believe if I reach the summit of another one it is called McCavity Bagging, I think Bin Bagging is a better name.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My Trip

I have decided to take a trip in my Camper van.
I have spent all night getting it ready, supplied
with all those delicious treats a cat like me must have,
so I hope I can manage to open the gourmet pouches
all by myself , as SHE usually does it for me,
although just recently I have been having that dull
dried stuff.
The van was quite clean although it smelled a little of CHILD.
I am being quite sensible, have phoned the AA for a route,
and decided I might like a trip to somewhere with culture
so I have decided on Bath, as that is what my friend WIN

Monday, 14 July 2008


This is just for you, my best side I think!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Greenhouse and sibling rivalry

I have two things to mention to you today Benjamin.
Firstly I have discovered the Greenhouse. It is hidden behind a water butt and that 6d Tree bought by Mrs L from Woolworths . I like the Greenhouse, and have spent many a happy hour in there now, pretending to be asleep, but I am actually guarding the Oleander, watching the Grapes grow, and telling Whiteflies to go elsewhere. Actually SHE has stuck up some yellow rectangles with sticky sides to catch the flying pests. I hope they work for her as SHE can get quite irate when things do not go her way. I notice things you see, sit there quietly but notice things.
Secondly I think the two SHES are jealous of the way mother SHE likes me.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Private Health care

They came with me , all of them. HER, HIM, DAUGHTER HER and the CHILD. I went in the plastic box again , and got to sit on my own in the back of the car this time. THEY didn't feel they had to sit next to me and hold my paw. Short ride this time , nothing to see but brick houses and back streets. Still, I was spared the HER having to park in a small space again as she got in quite well behind the Dentists. You will now have guessed where I have been. Yes it was fine, Yes I was a good feline, Yes green uniformed SHE thought I was lovely, YES I have to go back and have my teeth done on Thursday. I do not have to go to the Dentist, green uniformed SHE will do it. I think GUS as I'll now call her is rather young , but she knew what she was doing. I chose to be well behaved, it was a wise choice. I will get good treatment, I am worth it I know.