Friday, 28 October 2011

Do get another cat
I've written to her cyberfriend Ray oka Daydreamer, to encourage her to get another cat. After all we are worth our weight in gold aren't we.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cauliflower Cheese

Yes I do quite like it , I admit it. I have just been caught going through a bin bag by the back door on its way to the dustbin. It was all secure and tied up but THEY did not allow for the sharpness of my claws, my acute  sense of smell for cheese, and my utter contempt for that cardboard they call Cat Crunch which resides in my bowl. SHE doesn't usually throw anything away, but their daughter from Scarborough, your sister Ben, brought them an ASDA curry as a thanks for having the small boys, and so the left over Cauliflower Cheese had to go.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

#cnmac11 for cats

I don't know how I will cope. Ben, your mother is leaving me again. Now you know I don't usually mind going off to Cayton Carr.This time I am a little anxious. I overheard Him saying to THEM that they would miss Wendy . Now Wendy has been my mentor at the Cattery for the last few years. She has metred out my rations, kept my apartment clean,spoken lovingly to me of home,and brushed me. So Wendy has retired. I am going to have to get to know someone new. HE says she sounded very pleasant . I say Will She Like Me. Will she realise that I am a superior Cat. Will she realise that I used to live in London ,and know a thing or three.Will she realise that I am an A list cat?

SHE is going to #cnmac11 and HE is going as her  chaperone.  I hope #cnmac11  is something to do with Cats and the New Media. I have a Twitter Account, I follow many literate and interesting felines. I have featured in publications and monthly periodicals like the Envoy.There is nothing much left for me to learn about the New Media except maybe posterous or css filing . BUT I would like to know why SHE and HE need to go at all. I could tell them everything  they  need to know.