Saturday, 7 March 2009

Twitter stuff

Dear Ben ,
Since I was forced to come and live with your aged parents in the wilds of the North Yorkshire Coast I have not grumbled once. Until now.
My food no longer comes with the smell of Waitrose , my blanket is more bracing fresh air from a washing line than Febreze and other southern inventions, the sparrows here are all common and have never seen a London Bus (with interesting non religious comments). I have had to share my abode with dubious small children who dangle things over me and try and give me digestive biscuits. I miss YOU and other HIM for your lifestyle, your love of the avant -garde, your love of camper vans , e-bay , Glyndebourne,Sweden. Your appreciation of Seth Lakeman , your joy in a simple meal with broccoli and pine nuts. You have no idea what I have to endure in this cultural backwater.
It was just bearable when I was able to share my thoughts on this blog , knowing that you were tenderly reading them.
Now however you have disappointed me. You have not sent me a single Tweet.
A positive thing about your mother, apart from the fact that SHE brushes me every day, is that she keeps up with the cybernetworking scene. This way I do find out about what is going on in my dear South. I dont have to buy the Guardian , I have Facebook to remember YOU and HIM by, that is until Now. Benjamin, my dear master, please start to Twitter to me. You will like it as I do, but it is no use to me at all without YOU and other HIM keeping me in touch with a wider world. I want to know about life in the Great Capital. I want you to twitter to me about the exhibitions and restaurants, the paintings you have seen and your trips to Ikea (a foreign country here).

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What I am doing for Lent

I have given up staying indoors all day. I am having more exercise. I am helping more about the place, watching the birds , looking for vermin, looking for frogs, looking for some decent food,supervising THEM. I think Spring might be soon.