Thursday, 28 August 2008


I knew she knew. I knew SHE would sense something when she realised the outside security light was going on and off , on and off for a while. SHE always gets up if that happens too often. Once SHE got up and found it was frog, another time a plant blowing in a pot by the wheely bin. Whatever, she got up. I decided to do my poor cat wanting some food routine at the bottom of the stairs. Tuna gourmet pouch, it certainly worked. SHE cried. I am playing it for as long as I can. HE is up and waiting for me to sit on his knee whilst he watches the first screening of Neighbours.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Where am I ?

I got home , I checked my bounderies,
I made contact with all my friends,
black and white (Lucy), ginger, and small black and white,
I ate all that was put in front of me. Now I am lost.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Samson is away

All of us in the Forth Estate need a break, so I am away. See you all in two weeks.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Here be dragons

I have widened knowledge of the known world, and even found many new places to sojourn , or even lay my head. I am no longer a stranger and alien but a son, maybe even an heir.

Firstly the heat has led me to places cool. Under the Echiums( beloved of my surrogate master) is a tempting and available space but the little HES have found me out.

It was a quiet and interesting spot, with plenty to occupy my keen observational skills and wont to patience, but I have been sprung.

My next place , and here I have spent several fruitful nights watching the stars and repelling boarders, is as you can see from the illustration, on the maroon contraption thing . I overheard HIM saying that it would be going at the weekend when best friend HER goes back to Dorking , a place I understand is beneath the great divide. It has been a very successful place to use, and I see that Latecatrooms rates it very highly. It is dry, elevated , beautifully decorated , and with housekeeping of the highest standard, only a catflap away from my usual breakfast spot.

BUT I am trying out a new place very near to it. I wonder what you think BEN, is it me?

My Secret Spot where I surf for birds is under the Woolworths Tree, (Winfieldus Lynnii) and it is a joy . Here be starlings.