Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd

I bet you didn't know that . SHE likes mnemonics. SHE has some favourite ones like Cats Often sit down carefully perhaps their joints creak. SHE knows that it is a geological time-line mostly done with camels but SHE has substituted Cats.On old olympus,s towering tops a Finn and German viewed some hops is something to do with a frogs head but SHE cant remember what. SHE has no idea what ABC Chimps means , but SHE had to learn it once for something for orders in the Periodic Table so it could be that.
 SHE has always known that pipeline under the ocean is PLUTO and so Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd is a like device. I bet you have it now. IT is the name of my favourite shop.  I know that you BEN , dear Master, love that design shrine and home of tasty meatballs. SHE has only been once , but YOU and your SISTER HER have been lots of times. Now your Other SISTER HER who lives here in the wilds of the North has become a Big Fan. Here is a movie for you.You see why I like it.
I think they will have lots of complaints in Sweden. They are caninophobic. But that's their problem. As long as my species is represented and appreciated in the  CATalogues I feel I can hold my head up high as THEY all discuss SISTER HERS new kitchen , cotton duvet covers and DIME bar dessert.
I am not going to make any useful suggestions. I have heard that the LITTLE HIMS are coming here to the Kiaora house at half term for many days , whilst boxes are unpacked and flatpacks unflatpacked. 

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

THEY have thought of everything, ALMOST...

Well , I have no complaints at all about the standard of care THEY have given me. THEY have made provision for everything.

But I have this against THEM, THEY have forgotten my first love. I am not the atheist cat they think I am. I am not going to be left behind. I am on my own journey. 

Friday, 17 September 2010

THEY thought about me when they were in Sussex

 Its doesn't take much for THEM to be reminded of me.  I know that when THEY are in foreign parts every cat they see triggers a fond thought. I wonder how darling Samson is , or something like that.THEY are not stupid or narrow minded when it comes to cats. They are nor besotted or out of control with THEIR  thoughts and purchases. I know THEY  will not embarrass me at Cayton Carr by sending me a Postcard, or ringing to see if I am OK. THEY know that I am well adjusted, independent,  nonchalant even when it comes to remembrance of times past when THEY were still around , and caring for my every need. I just don't need THEM all the time. I too  require a break from THEM. I like to ponder, to cogitate and sit and watch the other guests . I can see them in their parallel runs. I call it cat watching. I could and can do it for hours. SHE does it in Marks and Spencers in Brighton.
SHE sat there for an hour on Monday this week , in the entrance, with all the old ladies and men. SHE saw some sights too. SHE was mesmerized by some of the outfits, hats, shoes and sizes of the sussex yeomanry and yeowomenry.

When THEY  were at the Festival in the Park , at Burgess Hill last Saturday THEY took a picture especially for me . THEY thought it would make me laugh. It is of a dog wearing a coat during a shower of rain. SHE knows I love the ridiculous, owners of course, not the poor dog-  the very idea.
THEY also took a photo of a cat they thought I might like, doing the very thing they have chastised me for.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Message

I know quite a lot about Bibles. THEY have a selection of them.  Today SHE has been and bought another one . It is a New King James , New Spirit Filled Life Bible. She likes this one because it has got lots of notes, references and comments. Its good for HER to be quiet sometimes. SHE thinks SHE knows everything. There aren't any cats in the Bible, probably because the Egyptians loved them so much and the time in exile before the Exodus was not one of the best times for OT peoples.  I do have some relatives who were the GOOD GUYS though. Guess the story from the picture below. I prefer not to remember that David was good with a slingstone against wild lions however. 

I have had a good listen to all the translations . I have a clear favourite. It is called THE MESSAGE. It is not an accurate translation , more of a paraphrase for cats like me who need to hear words in simple and understandable language.  Now that I am a published author, and my article in the August edition of The Envoy received acclaim, it is very important that I am able to show the people of Filey Parish that I have a real faith and not one inherited from THEM. So I have started to listen in earnest to this paraphrase. It is in american slang , but I have had to endure so many editions of The Simpsons and CSI Miami whilst living here so I understand it perfectly well. 
I have a good bit I like from The Message
Be content with who you are, and don't put on airs.
God's strong hand is on you...
It is from 1Peter 5-humbled I am.