Sunday, 23 May 2010

I have a rival, well I did have.

Becky is like me a Home Counties habitue. She is Surrey and I am Sussex so technically I am nearer to the country land. The Sunday Times today argues that there is no longer any real country, that its all been taken over by people with second homes. Clearly they have never been to Burton Fleming or Kilham, Thixendale or Rudston. 
She, my rival ,  however has a huge hunting ground in suburbia, but I though now domiciled in the wilds of the North never choose to stray from my walled garden. I still claim to be nearer to real fields.

Becky is allowed upstairs whilst I can only dream of the delights of a soft duvet, humans to warm me in the winter and to nudge in to breakfast action. I think THEY are mean not allowing me to have the run of the house. I see from her picture that Becky is a short haired cat. I at least have the distinction of being truly beautiful. They will not stray from me to admire another. I had a rival, but I know she is forgotten already.