Thursday, 25 November 2010

Craft Central Clerkenwell

Ben, Dear Master -You are so clever! I am at Cayton Carr just so THEY can come and check out your work.  I have heard THEM say that THEY are very proud of you! I take the credit. I am simply an INSPIRATION I know.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Hope SHE doesn't need anchovies today

I'm not a celebrity, so no one will vote to get me out of anywhere.  SHE however has made a big fuss and voted me off HER chair. It is so confusing for me.
 I am allowed to sleep on it when THEY go through the doors to that place upstairs that is forbidden to me. HE puts down my blanket, on the cushion which says CATSIDE and allows me to sleep there until SHE comes down the next day .  By then the kitchen will have been tidied by HIM, the dishes put away by HIM, My breakfast will have been put out for me by HIM , and SHE will have been taken a cup of tea by HIM.  SHE is spoilt.  Then SHE  has the cheek to say I am am a spoilt cat.  

Now why is it then that I am not allowed to have a rest on HER chair during the day time. It would be easy to leave my cushion and blanket on it all the time. But no,she will not be persuaded. Maybe when you go out then I ask?  Maybe when you're upstairs on the mac machine, or just doing a spot of putting the Dyson round upstairs?  But no SHE is adamant.  If we let him on during the daytime he'll start wanting his own way in other matters,I hear HER say to HIM. So THEY have compromised and put my things down on the little gray step thing SHE uses to get anchovies from the top of the cupboard, and HE never uses because HE is tall.
An aside here. My lovely furry blanket things, regularly washed by HER were a present from my Aunty Alison in Harrogate. They belonged to her feline , who died and went to cat heaven or not as your theology allows.  SHE by the way did a quiz, and came out as a Neo Orthodox , HE came out as an Evangelical Holy Methodist. I'm sure I would have come out as what ever the Top answer should be. But THEY dont know which one that is.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Of Mice and Little Men

My favourite 

The little HIMS came to see me today. No.1 was so  thrilled with HIS purchase. HE loves me I know.  HE talks about me all the time.

  • May I go and see Samson?
  • Samson likes me doesn't he Mum?
  • May I give  Samson one of his treats?
Today Daughter to THEM and Mother of the little HIMS let No 1 buy me  a gift in the Scarborough Sainsbury place. I didn't exactly jump up and down with joy. Infact I was quite cool. As soon as THEY had gone home, No1 and No 2,  I had a good look. They are a very suitable and welcome present for a superior Cat.
So thank -you very much.
It is the first present I have had since my dear master Ben left me here in the wilds of the North and bought me  two white mice -long since disintegrated.