Sunday, 31 July 2011

I am going to be famous...

An editor of a famous magazine is interested in me. Its is about time my career took off. I am an elderly cat now and I know my late flowering has not been unexpected in some quarters south of the Thames , but nevertheless now that I am being blogrolled and appreciated , talked about and discussed I am content.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Madeira Cake

Dear Ben
I investigated with my claws and managed to scrape open the aluminium foil wrapping on the pleasantly smelling parcel in the dining room.  SHE was really LIVID when SHE realised I had licked the top from  the fragrant sweetmeat.I heard her telling your sister that it was for Parish Sundae where she is doing the catering this week. SHE could still have used it,  but no it has gone out to the fat birds in the garden. SHE is making another one . SHE will put it in a tin this time I think.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Put me behind bars then...

Yesterday THEY got me into the brown box again. I had remembered it ,although it's many moons since I  was last tempted into it  by subterfuge. I just walked in this time. Wendy (as  THEY call HER) at Cayton Carr actually feeds me very well, and gives me more than I get at home here in Geriatrica by the Sea, but it was not to be . We all went to the other place. I had to stay in the box for along time, but didn't mind, as lots of  dogs made interesting viewing through the bars. I took ages to come out of the brown box, as my lady in Green was not there in the room with the high table and clean smell. It was another lady, in PINK. She was OK and said good things about me to THEM. When we went out to the car HE told HER that the vision in PINK was the BOSS at the VET HOUSE. 

Today I took myself off for a walk behind bars. SHE was Livid because I got into next doors tree and got a silly sparrow. It should have been quicker. I think SHE was really cross because SHE thought I might just make a play for the Bantam cockerel next door too. Don't think I haven't seen all the baby blackbirds either. They are just lazy lumps sitting and waiting to be fed - Survival of the fittest  I say.

Ok -Ive seen this!