Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Now that SHE has found out what Kiaora means , and is happy with the connotation SHE is thinking of changing the title of MY BLOG. What a B .....cheek! My domicile has been called Kiaora for many many years. All the local Jenkinsons, Cammishes, Scaifes and Cappelmen and Hunters know this kiaorapad of mine. Our Betterware lady was born here and she knows all about it. The retired doctor missioner calls it 'Squash house', and the Kiaora word is on the utility bills. If you type Kiaoracat in to Google you come to me , now very high up 3 from top. What shall she do Benjamin ? Shall SHE call the blog Kiaoracat, do you want me to be famous, or are you happy with the status quo?
I want to keep the Samson title, after all it is what you so rightly named me. I am strong and have lots of fur, and although I have no intention of looking for a Delilah, my op you understand,I am certainly a servant of the Living God as you will see from my blog last week.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Monasticism and Feline Devotions

Did you miss my musings? I am back in what I suppose you would call the Mother House. My time in the cathusian monastry of Cayton Carr has been a tranquil and productive time. I have had a longer retreat this time. A month in the country you could call it. Sometimes the wind from the east brought the sounds of small THEM at Playdale. I think I heard Z and R, E and M one day with their Mothers I and A. I made a fuss some days and hissed at the lay sister. She didnt deserve it , I was very well looked after in my room ( or cell I suppose ) and have done penance. I have not done the things I ought to have done and I have done the things I ought not to have done . Like Mount Grace Priory the idea of the cathusian monastry in Cayton is the same. All the cats have a bed in a pleasant cell, a small walk out of the flap to a yard where catmint could have been grown in pots and a place to parambulate whilst thinking about what God might be saying to you today. The cell itself had a cosy bed space, and a hatch where the lay sister passed my food every day.
I had plenty of time to meditate after doing the daily office. Corporate worship was not allowed , and so although I could sense the presence of other monks and sometimes hear them , singing through the cell walls was not encouraged. I know you have all been celebrating the Easter Triduum, and I thought of you all. I know that for instance you dear master would have bought lots of sweetmeats of the ovoid kind from St Marks and Spencer, and that your mother SHE will have done the flowers at ST Oswalds. I know that SHE and your father HE will have meditated much on Good Friday and been to the Sunrise service on the Country Park on Easter Morn. How did Choral Evensong go? I did miss hearing the family banter.
BUT I am a changed cat. I have had time to think in my cell. I realise that the Dissolution was for cats a good thing. I need fellowship and the chance to share my spiritual gifts among you all, for the good of the Body you understand. Charterhouse is not for me. I am confined in Kiaora for a few days, and then I will be able to regain the land the locusts may have eaten.