Saturday, 7 July 2012

50 shades of..

Just as Nick Baines has been standing outside East Croydon Station for 4 years I have been sitting by a footstool in the cottage for over 4 weeks.

Time has not stood still really for me, its just that for HER days have gone by before she has had time to look at Google reader let alone be my amanuensis.

I have been in and out of Cayton Carr for the last couple of months whilst SHE goes with HIM to carry out family business . They do not confide in me but I have over heard the words Nursing Home, Estate Agents and Hearing Aid Batteries. I do not need any of those things , neither does HE. SHE needs Hearing Batteries,I have heard her say a Day in Bed with a book would be nice and meals on a tray, But I don't think SHE is ready to pay a £1000 a week for the privilege, and I know she doesn't want to read 50 shades of Grey, after all ,she has not got over The Lonely Shore by Anna Weale yet.

I am ok Thank very much.

I have been to the Lady in Green for my injection, but now she is a Lady in Pink. I have wandered a little into the alley at the side of the cottage, but wasn't keen.I have also been allowed out of the front of the cottage to the corner, but the path is strewn with dubious dogends . Vet lady thinks I am more than 17 human years old, and my scraggy thinness is perfectly acceptable for a venerable feline. I will keep u posted .

Just wanted u to know I am not dead