Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I am a history of the world in one object

I have been around for eons. My kind has always roamed and stalked, toyed with and toyed without. I am noble and nobility. I am wild and I am wilful, fierce and fragile . I know what it is like to be worshipped and yet know that I am mere cat (that is a clever joke). I have known Attenboroughs and Eliots, Daniels and Davids. I inspire all humankind and remain aloof from adoration and interaction. I depend from my own free will, and am never dependable.
But I have this against you
you have forsaken your first love, like the Ephesians
I am not one of those  hundred objects.
You have cattle. reindeer, and a bull.
I am excluded Mr Macgregor.

Monday, 18 January 2010

My trip in to the unknown

I have always been a well adjusted an well rounded feline. I do not have to read tomes by Oliver James to know this. I have managed to live a contented life amongst humans who care for, respect and nurture me, with the the result that I now can and will speak out about my  cataspirations for the next  decade.

As a child of the eighties and a teenager and young adult of the noughties I stand upon the threshold of maturity and middle age. I have all the necessary life experience , reasoning skills and appreciation of reality to be thankful that I have grown up to be so stable, balanced in outlook, and superior in wit and education compared with say the local Filey fishcats or the incomer west riding softrich cats or the asbo wealding scavenging tanked up benefit cats. I am modest.  I am healthy , I am well groomed, well read and metrocatsexual .So I am  Purrfectly qualified to write to cybercat world with my pontificat ions about life the universe and everything.
I have decided that I might as well take this catblog into this next decade. I have my Catbook facebook page, my Twitter account, my sojourns to my 5 star Cayton Catteries, my 6 bedroomed mansion with extensive pleasure grounds. I have a reasonable, mould able, persuadable, staff. I have you Ben , my dear and beloved Master, in Blackheath in the Cat estate, or is it Cator estate. I have lots of interests suitable for a mature norwegian blue /persian who is elegant, attractive, single and soporific vibrant vital.
Yes I will go on , I will continue to please you Ben,and  all your network. I am not going to be negative in thought , or when I put paw to mouse, metaphorically that is(literally would show a base nature that I have overcome in this Christian household).
Now that I have put back some order in to my routine, as the jalopeno stuffed olives and Green and Black chocolate season is over, I will be doing my exercises again and leaving clumps of fur in the hall. SHE  and HE are back to reading Times 2, the cheese has all finished, and Wallender and all Silent Witness type BBC is back to making for gentle and gory evenings.
Let me know what sort of stories you want me to regale. I am thinking of you right now, knowing you do not have a holiday until April.  I wish I could look after you , and feed you bits of salmon and hake, and snuggle up with you Ben. Even though I am now older and so mature, I will never forget our young times together, when we depended on each other . You will always be my muse.