Wednesday, 28 December 2011

This is difficult

I am at Cayton Carr again Ben. You know that and missed me terribly whilst you were at Kiaora . So did Win I know. She asked after me especially. You kept looking for signs of my domicile. I am sure you glanced up on the shelf at that green tray containing my brush and catnip and wondered if I was alright. Other He will have talked to HER about me I'm sure, and Win will have reiterated how gorgeous I am.
 I have been for 10days already. Its because of Christmas and your sisters issues with being in the presence of my DNA. I am sure THEY have not forgotten me. I know that SHE will have kept a dish of some Christmas fowl in the Deep Freezer for me, a bit of Giblets and Neck neatly diced and spiced with gravy made from the boiled up carcass of the turkey.  That will do nicely . I am looking forward to it on my return to Kiaora.  They didnt put a silly ribbon on me here, DG.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Sitting on £6 worth of paper with sharp claws

SHE is cross again. Of ALL places I heard HER say. Why cant he go somewhere else I heard HER say. Doesn't he know he's not allowed on furniture, I heard HIM say.

Now look here you two. I wanted to try it out, right, I was careful, right, stop going on at me, right.