Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What I overheard

I kept hearing my name this morning  so thought I had better hang around. SHE was not talking, it was that Brian Cox again, coming out of the machine. SHE quite likes his voice except when he says jeruwslem in stead of Jerusalem. She always shouts at him to get it right. People speak to her every day out of the machine when SHE sits in the kitchen and eats her breakfast . HE is in the sitting room with the BOX machine  with the  moving pictures. (SHE is hopeful that the BOX one day  will get bigger and thinner) .
So I pricked up my ears at the Samson word and started to listen . It was awful. THEY are going to cut my hair and I am going to push the Church Over by its Pillars. What happens in between is too violent for My Little HIMS to read here.I carried on listening but then it was a Mills and Boon about Ruth, who I don't know, she must live up the road, not at Kiaora.
Phew , it was not me after all, she said .

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pre-raphaelite or wot

Ben -wot do u think of your sisters NEW LOOK. We in the land that time forgot LOVE IT.
Even SHE said nothing but praise.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dear BEN

It was lovely to hear your voice this morning, I'm glad I was earwigging next to HER . I see from your Facebook page that you were up early, and already had 15 messages of greeting before 8 am and even been up a wall yourself.

Have a lovely day, my dear friend , I will be good today -JUST FOR YOU

love Samson

Sunday, 12 June 2011

And a very Happy Pentecost to all my followers

Here is a picture of ME near the RED poppies in my garden. SHE was really glad that I didn't squash any of her Cosmos, but I did hear an expletive or 2 when she saw where I parked my bum elegant rear for Whit Sunday.  There is a story here.
When SHE was getting married to HIM in 1972 she helped arrange the Flowers for HER big day at ST James ,Sutton -on Hull ,  a village now home to some ODD THINKERS  but then the intellectual spawning ground for the likes of HER also I think an ODD THINKER.
SHE did a lovely arrangement  in RED and WHITE . She was surprised to see that a fellow Constance Spry  had gone up to her symphony of white and red Gladioli and tucked a Yellow one at the back. SHE was told that it was bad luck to have RED and WHITE flowers together and not good for the wedding. When the others had gone home SHE went and removed the yellow flower. Now nearly 40 years later and still married to HIM , SHE remembered this . RED and WHITE are the colours of Pentecost.  SHE did not do red and white for St Oswald's this week.  It was her turn to do flowers, but the Pink ones from last week were not dead, and Pauline was doing the Stone Altar with yellow and red in memory of her daughter who loved those colours.
We don't DO superstition at ST Oswald's anyway now that we have had a sermon about it.

I however knew that SHE wanted really to let people know that Pentecost is very important, and that if we all prayed for the HOLY SPIRIT to fill us then the Church would not have to rely on Rowan Williams and Victoria Coren to tell it how it is.  So I sat near the RED poppies for her, and will do so again when the White Cosmos have decided to flower.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pigeons Continued

I was a bit peeved that SHE has been talking about me behind my back. I will of course do all I can to help with the smooth running of the house and garden  that revolve around my needs. However I do not engage with pigeons or rats  or  Herring Gulls or other vermin of Filey. Please let this be known.