Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Really good name Ben, and just the sort felines like me can identify with. Wild things are HERE .

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I am a very happy cat

I am glad you have had the good sense to become a twitterer Benjamin. Did you get the useful Glossary of terms I sent you on HER facebook page. If not here it is againTWITTONARY. You will like this . SHE reminds you that this is not an exhaustive list. There is also the Twurch of England , which SHE thinks at the moment is better than the real thing. This is due in HER opinion to the failure of the real thing to get on with business of doing its job of getting ready to be a bride. At this rate it will be only a number of disappointed bridesmaids. If you dont understand this Benjamin, dont worry. SHE reads too many blogs that are good for her. You should see her list on Google Reader. Be assured , some are about Moths, one of HER favourites, some are about plants, besides the r.l.g.o.s ones.
How did you come to call yourself by such a soupy name? Please tell. Did you know that to some people the English smell of cabbage? You all smell of moisturiser to me. I wont have time to blog for a bit as I think I have to go to Cayton Carr again. I heard HIM on the phone booking me in.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Harfields Again

If you are following me on Twitter , where I am known as Fileysamson you will remember that yesterday THEY took me to Scarborough. I knew it would be somewhere good as SHE said I was going to be a lovely boy with no hint of a lie in HER voice. I can tell. I always know when SHE puts the worming pill in my tuna in jelly.
It was a lovely ride to Scarborough . I didnt make a fuss. I sat and looked at the view-the back of HIS head, the back of HER head, and in the space between; trees, the Chip Factory (lovely smell), a dead football stadium,B and Q and then the road to the LITTLE HIMS house, HIS footclinic and then that Victorian Ironwork which says road to Harfields to me. You might have read my account 'Harfields' in June 2008
I remembered my visit to LOVELY LADY , and hoped she would be there again. And She was. I had a memorable afternoon. I had time to talk to other four footed people called Canines. I behaved well ,I think,and even let her do my Tail. I must say I look very different. I made HER take some pictures to send you Benjamin. I have got some catUGG boots now, as you will see. Three are Grey and one is White.I know you had them first, but they have only just brought them out in my size so I have had to wait to hit the North with my fashion statement.
My tail looks good don't you think? It will be so much easier now going out in the grounds. I will not get told off for coming through the catflap trailing Goosegrass and dead echium leaves. I will be cooler during the Filey season which starts soon. I am so busy showing off at the gate to passing holidaymakers, that I get hot and bothered and have to keep going in my hideouts for a cool down. Now I can maximize the time I take to receive adoration, bon mots and downright envy from families catching sight of my elegant form amongst the Eleagnus and summer bedding.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Annual Report

Samson has fitted very well into his new domicile by the sea in the wilds of the North. He has made lots of relationships feline , avian,and human and is now able to tell the difference . He has learned a new language,and is now able to understand and communicate. His social skills vary , and change from day to day. Generally he is able to seek and find food, his litter tray (seasonal) and a place to sleep. In fact he has excelled in sleeping, and is sometimes able to continue the task for long periods of time. He is able to recognise calls and instructions though has been known to disregard them.
Samson is able to count to 3 (meals a day)
He has a good concept of time and is always at the foot of the stairs in the morning.
He can judge distances .
Previous blogposts will demonstrate that Samson is well read and able to comment and criticise texts that have interested him. He has however shown no initiative in visiting libraries or accessing websites other than his own and his Twitter account-Fileysamson.This is disappointing as he does need to broaden his views.
He has learned all the features his surroundings ,is able to name paths and walkways and features. (Mount Compost Bin, Mount Wheelie Bin, Mount John Innes Bin, Greenhouse walk, Peaony Drive ,Car place and Snail and Frog bushes etc).
We are very pleased that Samson remembered events a year ago ;his first trip to Mrs Hairsines Vetinary Establishment, Cayton Carr Catteries and Harfield Grooming Parlour so that second visits had the benefit of previous experience.
Religious Knowledge
His renowned post Monasticism and Feline Devotions has earned him a Fellowship in the Filey Movement. He is waiting to be called the Blessed Samson when miracles are credited to him . He has no plans to convert to Roman Catisism , as he feels the broad church of Anglicatism is graced with his presence. He has plans to catch and unmask The Churchmouse whose popular blog is second only to his own.
Samson has shown a natural aptitude for this subject. He readily learned how to use a Mac operating system, loves Firefox, has his own Twitter account and knows that alt3 is hash # on the Mac keyboard. He needs to spend more time cleaning his screen and checking he has not left standby lights on during the human rest period.
He does not enjoy this subject, but tries to join in with the caterwauling choir when it occasionally sings outside the back door in the small hours.
Samson learned from Benjamin to hide when all mention of these subjects reach his furry ears.

School Clubs and Activities
Samson belongs to We got an Echium through the winter Facebook Group, I always run out of the room when the Dyson appears Club, More food please club and Scratch all who try to brush me Group.

Targets for the coming year

To leave the sitting room immediately Bedtime is announced
To refrain from using any but designated Lounging areas in communal indoor spaces .

Headmasters Comment
I am pleased that Samson has settled in so well and is making such good use of the excellent facilities and Education we provide.MMR