Saturday, 19 September 2009

Keeping Going

I try to keep myself busy.  Take today for example-I ate my breakfast, although HE gave it to me a little late I thought. Then SHE came downstairs, and was really late. SHE told HIM she was reading in bed, but I think 8 o'clock far too late to be making an appearance.Usually SHE is ready for shopping by then, to avoid the crowds on the streets of this little seaside town. So , I thought I would ask HER for another breakfast. I sat at the foot of the stairs.  I got up and purred when SHE walked past.  I followed HER in to the kitchen and continued to purr.  Its working I thought.  SHE knows HE is in HIS bathroom, and as it is so late will assume HE has forgotten my breakfast.  After all HER cup of tea in bed  was late, SHE told HIM so. I thought it was working.  SHE liked the purring.  SHE liked it when I followed her to HIS bathroom door.  I continued to purr and SHE said
'Poor Samson, do you want your breakfast ?'
I purred in the affirmative, but SHE was too clever for me , and called through the bathroom door and asked if HE had fed me.  Oh, well it was worth a try.
I am playing the poor tired cat now.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Yes , I am still talking to you

It has taken me ages to get back into the swing of being home . My sojourn on the Carrs, although a technical success has given me a 'bit of a breakdown' (Gumboots).You agreed with HER when I presented THEM with that bird at the back door that I wasn't quite myself. I haven't been into Therapy or read the advice column  in The Sunday Times .  I have just waited until my dark night of the catsoul has passed.  I have had to go into hiding somedays, when those painters were here doing the outside of the house. They were quite sympathetic actually, and mercifully called me no derogatory names, never moved my green feeding bowl, and didnt moan once when they were painting a metre away from my L..... Tr...
I have worked through these disruptions to my wellbeing. I am a well rounded feline,able to discuss my thoughts and feelings with you Ben.  I know you will always affirm me, and give me permission to be myself.
I didnt consider it an indignity when SHE made me wear a new collar. She bought it to match my bowl. Co-ordinated accoutrements are not necessary in the Cat World , but I have given HER permission to be herself too.