Sunday, 31 May 2009

My Pentecost

I have had to hide today . It is not that I don't like Tongues of Fire or Mighty winds but it was just too hot to bear in the garden today. Even at nine o'clock in the morning I was hiding. No one could accuse me of being drunk or anything. I had, its true ,needed some laps of aqua tap, after my breakfast of a tuna and haddock pouch,but my behaviour was at all times above reproach. I am not about to go and join the Full Gospel Business Cats Fellowship or anything . If you don't like the heat , stay out of the kit(ten)chen, my mother always said. It was so very hot. I actually did spend some time thinking about Pentecost. I hope all those people like HER sister managed to read all those CaTTadocia type words in the Acts lesson today. SHE had to read the gospel which was easy. I am more a still small voice type of cat.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday Munro

SHE has been grumpy with me recently. HE tried to side with her but I sense he is just going along with her to keep HER quiet. I think YOU would see my point of view . I know that when I was with YOU and HIM in Lewes I had great views. I could see the castle. I could see the Downs. I nearly could see Waitrose.
Here there is nothing much to see . I am not allowed to the top of the house to see the view of the sea. I see the garden of course. I like it on top of the Compost Bin Munro. Hope you are reading this James and Clare, or are you too busy bagging at the moment in Mull.
SHE has been grumpy with me because I have been going to the top of things to see the view. Some are very difficult. I have to do foothills first and then short leaps. Others are tricky rather than difficult. I have to cross slippy terrain without benefit of special footwear. Some are simply dangerous and need much planning and forward thinking.
When Ranulph F. got to the top of Everest last week it was not the only piece of mountaineering news, but my exploits were buried . I have retaliated . I now send the unsuspecting world the first pictures of the ascent of Dining Table.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Spring has sprung ,the grass is riz

I am venturing out a little. The sun is out so why not? I wonder where those birdies is? I was on duty yesterday . I heard a commotion in the grounds. A crow was trying to raid the nest of the Wood Pigeon. SHE ran out and screamed at it , and it flew off. I waited around to see what would happen. I waited around to see if I was needed. I waited around to see if there was anything in it for me. There wasn't so I settled down for a rest.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Reighton Nursery and the Tooth Fairy cat

I sympathise with you Ben , honest I do. But at the moment I am having a little rest. I have been having a little rest all day today on the chair in the sitting room. The sun has been out and THEY have been acting appropriately. First THEY went to the Bottle Bank at Rudston. THEY like that one because SHE likes a drive over the Wolds. She likes the field of yellow , and the potholes and passing places, and ancient places with names like Argham and Bartindale, with nods to the Iron Age. Today SHE saw a hare.
After their sojourn at the Recycling place by the Gypsey Race (dry) at Rudston they enjoyed a trip to their favourite place. I made HER put a picture of it here for you. I know I would have liked it as plenty of Nepeta Cataria is there.

No , those are something else, Lazy Lizzies I think, and a rogue tray of Begonias. I digress, they made full use of the sun by doing lots of gardening. I stayed asleep in the sitting room. At four O,clock SHE made a noise to suggest I ought to get some fresh air so I obliged for an hour on the burning deck.
Fortunately THEY remembered to smooth down my rug for my return to the sitting room for 'Neighbours', and their important phonecall to you DEAR MASTER.
Now we have my suggestion, would you like me to come and Look after you. I can do soft food (pouches only) and would make sure you were warm and comfortable. I have been to that vet person myself for attention to teeth. It was really worth it, I have felt the benefit ever since, despite the huge bill. You will be so glad to have availed yourself of the services of what sounds like a very pleasant and efficient Tooth person. I have got my uniform ready , and can be with you to assist and soothe , just say the word.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Carol Ann

The boy stood on the burning deck whence all the birds had fled
he liked the view, he liked the flag, the wreck with him amok.
Crocosmia Lucifer , bright and beautiful he could be , a hero,blog and helm and verdant dock.