Friday, 23 October 2009

Span sounds right for a cat

I think Cator Estate might have been made for me.  It's all in the name you see. Even Foxes Dale has an appeal. But do not worry Benjamin, I am not yearning to come back, as long as you and other HIM come and see me from time to time.  I see you have now got the means of transport for a quick getaway to the country.

Whilst THEY were away in Paris they did think of me. They brought me back a name and address of a possible friend that they spotted from the Promenade Plantee, pronounced plantay but SHE cant find the accent on the keyboard, and doesn't know how to insert symbols.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The news has filtered through

I hear that you are on holiday Ben. I hope you send me a postcard. HE was very pleased with the card you sent him last week.  He was very touched , whatever that means, as you are so far away you could not possibly have touched him literally, so I expect he meant it metaphorically.
I am getting my daily brush from HER, and my fur is beginning to grow again after my summer trim.
THEY dont seem to be doing much. HE went to Morpeth yesterday on a case, and SHE looked after the LITTLE HIM. HE is rather sweet, even though he strokes me rather a lot. I had to lash out at him yesterday, but SHE told LITTLE HIM to be careful, as SHE knows I do not like too much interference of a stroking nature except behind my ears. Dont worry, LITTLE HIM is not daft and has got the message. I am rather sick of hearing the Stick man story though.
If I hear those words again
'I'm Stickman , I'm Stickman , I'm Stickman thats me'
I shall have to get HER to try something more interesting to read to LITTLE HIM. Have you any good ideas?

I have a few

Orlando the Marmalade Cat
The Mousehole Cat
The Churchmouse

 I think LITTLE HIM is still too small for Old Possums' Book of Practical Cats, but it may be aimed at , as a target so to speak.

I will persuade HER to go to WRAYS and enlarge our Library of suitable books for my hearing. SHE must consider HER complete audience.