Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dear Samson

I am really missing you.  It is chaos here. The little HERS have just woken up, and won't be down for a while so I am pouring it all out to you.  Hope you have got a cat iphone4 at Cayton Carr.
Where your bowl was there are now shoes carelessly dumped  frequently all day. 
THEY  don't wear them indoors like normal people. We keep ours on all day don't we Samson, and you never take yours off. Outside the back door where you spend evenings in contemplation looking at the stars, the bird tree and the mouse hole is a tangle of paraphernalia.

I liked getting ready your simple out of the pouch or box meals.  It required no thought whatsoever. I now have to think gluten free, additive free, and I don't mind , but my brain is often on another planet.

HE is stricken. HE is unable to walk. He has got arthritis in HIS knee and has to rest HIS leg all the time until the swelling goes down, which it hasn't , even though he is having frozen peas on it every hour. He is not allowed any pills as they would argue with his others, so he is grinning and bearing it. He has received laying on of hands for healing, so waiting for it to work. I am no  good at being a nurse as you know. Little HERS mother , our little HER is very good . You too would be a very soothing presence, so have a good time and  WISH YOU WERE HERE, love  MUM

Thursday, 22 July 2010

I have heard the C....... word

I think it must be tomorrow, as I have heard the word, SHE has brushed me and so I Have been sick up the Hall. That is because I would rather stay here and see the little HERS.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Two weeks left

I will be going away soon. The little HERS will be coming back and I will be sent to my luxury holiday home at Cayton Carrs. Now I know this is because the Little HERS cannot be near my beautiful fur. This is such  a shame .  My presence amongst THEM could  have really added to their enjoyment . I could have shown them all my special places in the garden.I could have helped them learn to be still and catch birds in a pounce.  I could have led them astray . Little HIMS are in my gang already. I am William to their Ginger and Douglas. Little HERs could have fought it out for Violet Elizabeth.
I am not going to grumble any more. I have already had lots of fun in their Pirate Ship. HE is still fixing it up-looking for a plank to walk and a wheel to turn . I have spent many a night on deck or up the crows nest. I am not joining the Sikhs -that is a cutlass you see beside me.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

My Ist July

I have been listening all week to the noise of the JCB next door as it knocks down my playground.  For 3 nights now I have been sitting outside the back door  or up my tree waiting for the rats leaving a sinking pub. All my special  places of the night have gone now.  Even the piles of bricks , wood, broken tiles and years of rubbish have gone off in a lorry to the land of Fill. So , dear Ben, you will realise that my vigilence, night snooping, rat hunting and fire watching have made me rather tired. I haven't caught a single rat.  But I am ready.
I was just minding my own business this morning when I was entrapped in the kitchen. THEY move quickly when THEY have to, and so as I sauntered to see if anything was left in my breakfast bowl there  was a hurried closing of doors and the catflap.  I tried to think what was the purpose of this infringement of my cat rights, but then spotted the Cat Box. Good , I am off to Cayton Carr , Good I am off to Harfields Beauty Cat Parlour. But I was wrong . I was taken to the Vet. I go there so rarely I had forgotten to include it in my brain sort.
I just wish THEY had told me. I could have prepared, and planned my defences for the broken tooth I knew VET SHE would find. 
I had quite an interesting time in the waiting room. There were 3 dogs, one black Poodle , one Jack Russell and one brown Heinz 57 . As the only member of the Felidae  I oozed grace, beauty , and fearlessness from my Cat Box. My turn came very quickly, I expect VET SHE hurried the dogs through when SHE heard I was in the waiting room. She was suitably impressed with my appearance , did my injections very quickly , and then looked me over. Yes SHE did find my broken tooth, and has given THEM instructions to monitor it. Otherwise SHE  had no concerns whatsoever. I think I am HER favourite cat in FILEY.

I certainly know how to pile on the charm, Ben. Do you know , when THEY took me back outside to go to the car, I found out that the excellent Filey Veterinary Practice Ltd had actually paid to have a special seat put outside their front window just for HIM and my Cat box, and a lovely Hanging basket for me to admire and appreciate.  HOW KIND!