Sunday, 28 March 2010

Strangely Warmed

I have spent my 40 days and 40 nights acknowledging and bewailing my manifold sins and wickednesses.  Actually that is not exactly true. For all the 40 days I have mostly been sleeping
  • On the blue chair in the dining room-allowed
  • On the Dralon blue chair in the sitting room-never allowed, always a fuss made
  • On the desk chair ,on brown furry rug (provided)
  • On the kitchen Windsor chair-allowed after 10pm only 
  • On the sofa -only when cover in place
  • On the carpet near radiator in sitting room -always allowed when door is open
  • On the kitchen mat with view through Catflap of Birdfeeder-allowed 
For all the 40 nights THEY will  never  know what I have been doing or where I have been.

 During Lent it seems that I have been expected to read some wholesome literature. SHE has done it for me, and I looked over her shoulder. We enjoyed Strangely Warmed. SHE says it was a breath of fresh air after all the stuffy books she has read in other years.
I have of course been reading the Filey Parish Blog every day with THEM. Even HE is getting proficient at blogging now. The one HE did yesterday was all HIS own work except for the uploading of the Photos.(whatever that means).
I of course have been proficient for a long time. I haven't actually had to do a Lent Blog as I am not a a parishioner . Although I am a vicarious  parishioner - not a Church Cat, I still have not had a go at Spiritual Stuff since my award winning and much blog rolled Monasticism and Feline Devotions.  I exaggerate of course. However I realise that Spiritual Stuff will  enhance my wellbeing. As this is Holy Week I shall see what my Twitter friends are doing to improve their Spiritual Lives. I will especially take note of Anatolia Princess Natasha or known to me as @RuthiesRagdoll. Her emanuensis Ruth Gledhill always is good value on Spiritual Stuff  and this will have had a didactic effect on my Twitter friend.

So Dear Ben I will let you know about my Progress during this most special week.I was going to e mail you these pictures but I cant see why I should deny them to the world.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What must you think of me !

Sorry I've not posted  recently.I've just come back from Cayton Carr again.  I'm not going to call it that place any more because it has become a familiar friend. THEY  keep having to go away and leave me. This time it was to a rite of passage occasion.I understand from snatches of THEIR conversation that they managed to do quite a lot at the same time . Thats just THEM .
Well I'm home now. I will help them out by trying to rid THEM of the rat SHE saw on the bird feeder last week. It wont stand a chance . I am already out and about the wild_ thing that I am. 
Did you get the secret message there Ben? Ive had a look at your felt  hairbands , and although I think they are very NOW I dont actually want one.Its bad enough having to wear that yellow/green collar thing with my name and address on.I know you are talented and upbeat but please don't even think of making me one. SHE did the shops last week .  SHE knows that hair adornments are all in again, she also knows that Knitting is the new Macrame, and that everything in Accessorize is all Girly again BUT I AM NOT.I am following you on @ the_big_forest , however.
I am a Rat catcher, a king of espionage listening in to THEIR chat, a Growltiger of a cat.
More hairbands for you.