Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Oh dear! Sorry !

Told u I had SAD
I have had SAD for the last month but I am nearly over it. The snow kept me from prowling, but I did sit , or lurk outside the back door waiting to catch the birds who were hanging around. But no birds hung around, just huge flocks of starlings sweeping in after counting 50 after the Sultanas were put out. SHE has been wasting the housekeeping again. Whats, more SHE has had to go up to Tescos most days for milk so has been tempted in to Value Sultana for the birds . Her language is a bit rough. SHE misses Mills who used to get Organic milk for her. SHE has to go to the dreaded T'S  as Smarts and Maynards and Paper shop only sell ordinary Milk. SHE is pedantic about ORGANIC MILK.  I wont go into it as it is boring and wildly unproven  what SHE thinks about milk and what the hormones fed to cows does to you. Why doesn't she do without like I do.