Sunday, 29 June 2008

Taking Over

I am doing it gradually, surrepticiously so to speak, moving in and taking over. I know this will upset you dear Benjamin but I actually like it here. There are more chairs, more cushions, more seagulls and more wildlife to watch .

Friday, 27 June 2008

Expedition to the unknown region

I am out in the big northern wilderness at last.

Thursday, 26 June 2008


This was me this morning before I realised what was happening. SHE put that big plastic thing in the silver room and I could smell she had put that canned spray stuff inside it. Then HE shut the door to my bird watching room. I nosed around trying to see what else was different, and then I realised SHE was being sweet and kind and HE was looking at his watch the whole time and talking to HER about how long something was going to take , and traffic and hold ups and parking and those sorts of things. THEY got me inside that plastic thing by stealth. I was inside it before you could say CAR, and CAR it certainly was next. I started to cry a bit as we moved off from the new home just to see what HE would do. She had made him sit on the seat next to me for the whole trip. I was trying to think where we might be going, cat doctor or another new home or to look at the sea. I was wrong on all counts. We went to this really lovely and interesting place. A wonderful SHE with kind eyes and gentle voice pampered me, clipped me and bathed me .Two hours just sped by. I did not miss THEM at all. I had so much to look at, listen to and smell. When THEY returned , I could tell they were pleased . I was so good all the way home, I did not even think I could be going anywhere else but new home. They are doing a good job DAD, you have given them good advice obviously.

Friday, 20 June 2008

The catflap

Here are a few pictures for you

I am more myself now. I have not hidden much today. I have been watching the birds from several vantage points. SHE won't let me up on the table to watch, and I have been banned from the downstairs cloakroom as THEY don't want me in there when THEY are in. I have been sitting on those blue leatherette bucket chairs in the dining room where I have an excellent view of the bird feeder on the back fence. Best of all I like to watch from the catflap window at the main BIRD Feeding Station. Have had good sightings today, Bluetits, Goldfinches(including a juvenile), sparrows, lots of Blackbirds(1 Juvenile),scores of Starlings and pigeons (3 kinds). They only have 7 days left before I am let out on an unsuspecting present haven .I miss you and our Lewes adventure playground but think I am going to like this feline forage ground. Love to you and other HIM from your boy by the sea.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My very first week in my new home

After the heartache of parting from YOU my beloved master, I have decided to be a brave little man and make the most of my circumstances. SHE pretends to distance herself from me by calling me the cat, but HE always uses my name 'Samson'. Actually SHE has looked at my documents and realises that I was once called Sebastian. I shan't come if SHE calls me by that name , and I am trying to decide whether I will infact come at all ever.

I am playing a game with THEM. I move seamlessly from underneath the sideboard, to by the side of the bathroom radiator , back to the sideboard ,but the niche space , above the floor and then back to the bathroom. THEY are beginning to anticipate my moves and have stopped shaking my bowl every time they have lost me. HE caught me on the table on the sitting room, and told HER. SHE was not pleased.

I am missing YOU and other HIM.