Thursday, 30 December 2010

My review of the year

...............will be published soon

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dear Santa or Dear Ben

I am writing you both, as I am not sure which of you is real.
I have few needs. They are all simple ones.

Dear Ben or Santa

I have lots of blankets in this cold weather to keep me warm . Some are hairy and furry. Some are old blankets belonging to THEM. Some are Cat blankets especially designed to be bought with me in mind  by the animal loving humans who always are a soft touch for a bit of fleece offcut styled and labelled Pet Blanket. So I dont need any.

I have lots of Cat Toys. I have mice.  I have feathers on poles. I have Bells. I never play with them. I do not need Cat Toys.

I have lots of Grooming Tools.  I have a brush with two sides like Janus. I have two combs. I even  have a green container for them to match the kitchen.  I do not need Grooming Tools.

Dear Santa or Dear Ben 
All I want is to see you. 
All I want is to have Turkey Breast with no salt gravy on Christmas Day

Love Samson

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A suitable present for a boy...

They couldn't bring me back a present from the Metropolis, but they brought me back a picture of these dogs.I think they are a very clever mapping . I'm not sure how it was done , probably putting a picture of  Staffordshire China dogs into a CAD, and making a net, flattening it out and enlarging it. I think the cardboard  result is very good. Now what you dont realise is that these dogs are over 10 feet high. That's why they couldnt bring me even one. I think the Saachi was a bit slow here.  An A4 sheet of the net ready to cut out and put together would have been a really suitable present for a boy.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Warm and Cosy

I am fine in Cayton Carr.  I have a snuggly blanket and central heating.  They are stuck in the big City but dont care as London is great place to be hanging out.