Sunday, 16 September 2012

The praise is going nicely to my head

Everywhere SHE goes, in certain circles, people tell HER how much they like this,  my blog.  Most read it in its paper form I suspect ,in that famous publication The Filey Envoy
I think I might be in contention with Hilary Mantel. HE has read 'Bring up the bodies' , and says its very good. SHE wont read anything HE suggests. SHE doesn't do History except Prehistory, and especially doesn't do anything to do with the Tudors. SHE has had 40 years of HIM doing the Tudors, and says if SHE sees another codpiece or picture of  Hever Castle she will start watching Eastenders and Coronation Street. If I do win a Literary Prize SHE will be able to get an ipad, whatever that is.
I am really going to try and get a prize for HER. I do appreciate that my fame is spreading further the Filey Pets and Gardens, and Filey Veterinary Practice, both of whom are allowed to carry the Samson Coat of Arms above their doors, By Appointment to etc.
I am going to have to deal with FAME before the paparazzi find me sunbathing next to the manhole cover. I must learn some modesty and make sure that I don't say anything which may be taken out of context, or anything  else mentioned in James 3. I do want my reputation to remain that of a popular but perfect puss.
You shouldn't have seen this one!

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