Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Triathlon

I didn't quite swim, but I got interested in the concept by  looking at the sea from the Cottage. I know we have a blue flag here, I know the sea is visible from my front door, but I cant get over the idea of the indignity of it. The nearest lake for freshwater swimming is the Boating Lake, not quite the Serpentine but certainly the Filey Equivalent. No, I wont find my way there.I haven't got an entourage, just HIM and HER and they are more interested in sitting at their Beach Hut watching their grandchildren on the beach. After all , it is their 40th WA and  The Big Forest have immortalized me in felt.
Poor me, my training on the road with wheels has been all in my mind too. I have been to Cayton Carr so many times in the last months, but only on wheels propelled  by internal combustion, not energy from Jelly Whiskas.
The running , well that is where I have triumphed.
I managed to get out of the front door yesterday. 
 I did a few circuits of the footpaths, ran along the ravine, and then had a long rest in the undergrowth for 2 hours, I am old you understand . and not on anything. I could hear THEM calling my name. I could hear neighbours of THEM calling my name,  but I was enjoying the moment, my uniathlon success. 

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Anonymous said...

No swimming for me! Uh uh!