Thursday, 21 October 2010

We all see the same moon , Ben

Full Moon over #Scarborough tonight, so clear and bright. on Twitpic

This is the moon over Scarborough tonight. Are you looking at it from Blackheath Ben? Missing you Ben . Are you looking at it in Filey my carers?Missing THEM. Don't worry I will be OK tomorrow. Cayton Carr is very pleasant. Its just that I'm not the top cat.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The end of the Beef and Kidney

Another milestone in this house. I could just not believe it.

I have been working hard on my pleading for food. Sometimes I just get the timing wrong.  Just after my breakfast  is not the time to ask for another tasty pouch of tuna goodness. Neither it seems is mid- morning, her time ,a good time. She doesn't realise that throughout the night I have been having forays into the land of mice, frogs and slugs known as the grounds.  I think of HER mid-morning as my mid-afternoon. I should really have had a coffee, a  cup a soup lunch  and a digestive biscuit if I was a human being.
SHE gives me what SHE calls Cat Crunch to eat for the  rest of the day after pouch  breakfast heaven. I did hear lovely vet lady say that I should have Cat Crunch mostly. It is , it seems , good for me. I have however managed to make so much noise at what SHE calls nearly dinner time, and HE calls time for Neighbours, that I have managed to condition her into giving me some little tasty meat treat when SHE is getting HIS dinner ready, and HE is learning to speak the australian language.

Today was a triumph of  my subtle persuasion. I am winning. Look away now if you are of a Hygiene and Health and Safety disposition.
Not only did I get the end of the beef and kidney, but I got it in the Spode dish. 

Friday, 15 October 2010


I do not even have to ask for it..........

It is always  there , fresh and clean every day.
No effort has gone into the supply of it by HIM and HER.  THEY just go to the tap and turn it on  and out comes the life giving stream. All THEY have to do is pay their bill for it.I realise that Yorkshire Water work very hard to produce the service THEY pay for.Nevertheless it would not be possible at all without the geography of this part of Yorkshire, England, Europe, the World. Filtered by the chalk seabed of millions of years of provision I have enjoyed the taste of this hard water for 2 years now.  It is delicious.

I am grateful.

And if you are too -remember to support Water Aid.