Saturday, 14 November 2009

Planning Permission

THEY have been on the phone to solicitors , neighbours , and some of their children all week. Today they have had a visit from a neighbour they know.  He was here for over 2 hours and they had not even had their breakfast.  I digress here to say it was 10 o'clock. This afternoon they had a visit from a neighbour they have never met before.  He was here for 1 hour.
SHE is amazing .  Not only can she access the Scarborough Borough Council's planning portal, but she knows how to find all the letters from interested people in Filey who are commenting on the proposals for Affordable housing in this Conservation Area of the small town I now call home. I have been listening to the things SHE has been saying the THEM and HIM. She knows words I have never heard before, and they were not expletives . SHE has a grasp of the social history of Filey that it doesnt even know it has itself. SHE is using strange new words and phrases like 'done deal' and 'no brainer' and 'money talks'. She is looking at Old Maps and the Bible. SHE is determined that people who need a home must have one. SHE is investigating Night Shelters and Charities for the homeless. SHE has been to talks at Mothers Union.  SHE knows that many ex-service men are looking for Affordable Half way housing, as they get their lives back on track after dealing with Mental Health and Drug problems.
SHE has decided that SHE mustnt be a nimby. 
SHE needs however to stop digressing into ifs and buts and maybes and really consider my application for Affordable Housing of my OWN. I do not even have a bed I call MINE. THEY put bits of furry cloth on the seats they deem to allow me to sleep on. I am not asking for much. Many , many times I have to sit outside the back door hoping they will build me a small place of my own. I only have temporary accommodation , and only on certain days , when the Barometer is on 28 or 29.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A suitable place for a cat ?

I have only lived here for 485 days. In my reckless past I explored the neighbourhood, sniffed around, scratched a bit and took notes. Now I have widened my exploits. I am a Twitterer.  I am a Gourmet. I am an Entertainment. Best of all I procrastinate.
Shall I do lists of my Twitter interests? I am lying here in THEIR sitting room thinking about it. Here is my list of the lists
  • best cyberfriends
  • dogs I could relate to
  • THEM and THEIR friends
  • Cultural Interests for Felines
  • Other cats with interesting carers
Shall I think of the food I really like and think about ?
  • Caviar
  • Prawns
  • Steak and Kidney
  •  Dolcellate and Stinking Bishop
Shall  I think of the places in the house and grounds that show me to best advantage when subliminally messaging THEM that I need praise
  • On the sofa
  • On the Wheelie Bin
  • Lying  prone  or supine, both have had the desired effect
  • Looking asleep on the mat , exactly half-way , in front of the Firescreen.
  • On HIS Knee, whilst SHE has the camera.
Or shall I just think. Is the house warm?  Am I a lovely shade of gray?  Is Filey full of old people? Do we need Waitrose?  How many lives does a cat have? Do I want stay here?  Is it a suitable place for a cat?