Thursday, 25 December 2008

The indignity of it all.

Well Benjamin, SHE has really upset me today. Where were you O dear Master to rescue this perisher? HE was on HER side. The others were all on HER side. YOU would have stood up and spoken, other HE would have stood up and spoken, even Win would have stood up and spoken, but not THEM. Look at what SHE did, commiserate with me, write about me on your Facetome wall and get your friends to agree with me -SHE was out of order. See what I mean...

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Dear Samson, I thought of you and have sent you a picture of another famous cat. WE have just spent a few days in London, and visited some places we have not seen before. We saw this statue of Hodge when we went to Dr Johnson's house. WE hope you are enjoying your stay at the cattery and have plenty to occupy your waking hours. WE are having an interesting and refreshing break. I loved the visit to the Saatchi Gallery, where all the art work was from China. The 'floating children ' are a take on the ceilings of a Christian basilica like St Pauls. HE enjoyed the Guildhall Art Gallery, and thinks HIS SISTER IN LAW HER would enjoy the Pre-raphaelite paintings and the Roman Ampitheatre excavations. WE both used our over 60's bus passes to advantage. We have ridden to Tottenham and Lewisham and all places in the City of London. The loos in Tescos in Tottenham were disgusting, and by far the best ones were in the Guildhall A G . WE went to Handel's 'Messiah' in St Pauls Cathedral. The tickets were free as announced on their website, but the programme suggested a voluntary donation of £10.
The picture of beige buildings was an exhibit in the Saatchi made entirely of dog chews.
The church here is 'St Lawrence , Jewry'. It was beautifully maintained and all the woodwork polished to perfection. But I hold this against you as ST John of Patmos would say'you have deserted your first love'. No one walking off the street and in search of a Saviour would find any mention of Him.

WE are missing you and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.