Thursday, 28 April 2011

I am ready

Dear Ben,
   Much has been going on here. Your sister has been collaborating with HER. They dont know that I've been watching them , but I have

  • They have hidden packets of Cashew nuts and  Bombay Mixture in a bag in the kitchen
  • They have got 4 cartons of Hagen Daz Icecream of the variety White Chocolate and raspberry
  • There are 6 flags  prone on   top of the desk, 5 actually , because I have nicked one  for myself
  • There  are 2 packets of Bunting in the cupboard under the stairs,1 packet of Party plates  with a Union Jack flag design and a plastic table cloth in like manner
  • All the beds upstairs are ready for little HIMS and your sister and her spouse
  • They have got a Radio Times
  • The fridge is full of something called Crudites, oka carrots and celery cut in Julienne strips 

I don't know what's going on but will let you know.
Love Samson


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lent and The Fame

Sometimes you must wonder if I am retired like HER. 

The answer is No! but I am so busy that I don't have time to write to you so often Ben.
Sorry to give you excuses. It would be more correct to say that I am resting between Gigs. You see,now that I have found an audience, other than Aunty SHE in Cheshire I am aware that my posts have to be Purrfect. SHE looks at me every night and says You must do a post for Ben , Samson. I look at her all poised and SHE just gets on with Twitter or the Filey Parish Blog. SHE has been thinking of the excellence of my posts, and wants me  to astound the wider world , now that it has found me,so that my posts are worthy of the CatBooker.

I am on a parallel track from her, but a much Narrower one. I have come to that repentance that says count yourselves less than others.
  • I am going to take captive every thought of praise ,and give it straight back to the ONE who created all such as me. 
  • I am putting to death pride not sitting around any more waiting for people to admire me. Infact I am going to start behaving like the cat that I was designed to be. I am going to sit and look for birds
  • I am not going to scratch HER when she is combing my delicate parts
  • I am going to be grateful for Catcrunch. Cats in other parts of the world have to get sustenance from refuse tips or old ladies on a mission.
  • I am not going to seek Fame after all. I did wonder if I got HER to make me a garment from dried fish it would hit the headlines, but I expect not. My muse  Lady G has just told the world that she and her fans are Christians. I am very glad. She can have all the fame she likes. I am going to be me after all.