Sunday, 28 September 2008


Once upon a time in the North of England there lived a gorgeous Norwegian Blue /Persian cat called Samson. There was nothing he was unable to do , sleep, sleep, watch bird feeders, sleep, and prowl. He lived in a huge house in the wilds. He had trees, bushes, three ponds , gravel walks, compost heaps, compost bins, seed beds, a greenhouse and lots of undergrowth to amuse him in his waking moments.
When September came and the garden was covered every morning with delicate webs of arachnids and nasturtiums shone with their sheer orangeness Samson started to venture into places new for long hours.
'Where is he?' could be heard in all corners of the estate.
'Do you think he has gone off for another adventure?' THEY said to one another.
They looked in the trees, they looked in the bushes, they looked in the three ponds, the gravel walks and the compost heaps, bins and seed beds. The greenhouse and the undergrowth were scanned , and then he was found. He was frog watching, sitting still and waiting for them to go hunting among the bushes, ponds , compost heaps and undergrowth. The frogs had lived in this garden for many generations. No one was going to catch them.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

SHE said 'How dare he!'

I am in the cat house. I discovered that I need vantage places in the grounds of this establishment. This is a good one as I don't get mud on my pads. I watch the Avian feeding stations from here. I have now got several watchtowers, including all the garden chairs, the top of the compost bin, the raised borders and of course this bonnet. THEY cannot reprimand me during their sleep time however. Sometimes I think they forget I have something of the night about me. THEY have no idea of the places I have found for sitting around and watching, and watching .

Saturday, 20 September 2008


I am having an Indian Summer.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Samson celebrates

I did really well, my present for HIS birthday was really appreciated. I know these things you see. Some people are so worried about running out of basic necessities that they make discreet stockpiles of them in their domiciles. SHE can be such a pain, hiding them in the cupboard under the stairs,removing them from beside the bath, and making HIM wind up all the ends on to one roll but I sympathise. HE loves me best, my present was HIS best I can tell.

Friday, 5 September 2008

The perfect spot

We had a game this week. SHE put a strange substance in my food and thought I would not notice. What sort of feline does she think I am? I refused to eat it for two days and just toyed with the bowl. I think SHE put the bowl in the white cold box by the door and got out another but identical green bowl or some such ploy. I heard HIM saying to HER it was like the kipper going out every day in some film. We played this game for ages, and eventually I heard HER say I had eaten it all , so SHE must have won. What are wurms , I dont think I know? Perhaps you will let me know Benjamin, so that I have a correct grasp of the situation and not just a worry that SHE is up to no good.

Have been lying around the place a bit this week, all the mind games have done me in.