Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My productive day so far

Sat by back door to repel the nasty Herring Gulls.
They are a terrible nuisance for THEM.
They deliberately soil the clean washing on the line.
They deliberately soil the car.
They dive bomb passers by.
Sat by wall to watch the nasty pigeons.
They eat lettuce seedlings.
They pick bits of string from the sweet pea wigwam.
They deliberately soil the water butt when looking for seed.
Wanted to sit in the greenhouse
and watch the world go by after my hectic morning.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Doing what cats do

They are blaming me . Give a cat a bad name and all that. I remember last year I got blamed too. SHE is very upset as SHE watches the Collared Dove not flying round the garden. Its moving around the undergrowth and then coming out to peck up the Bird Seed when I am sleeping somewhere. She is upset because it seems to be injured, and SHE thinks it could be me wot dun it  .Yes !it has some feathers missing, and a broken wing.  Yes it cant fly and yes! yes! yes! SHE is upset.  I heard HER telling HIM she ought to put it in the derelict Pub garden next door.  HE said 'a cat will just get it'.  SHE cant face putting it out of its misery,after all that's interfering with nature. 
But SHE keeps throwing bits of bird seed into quiet places for it.I keep looking at those Herring Gulls and hoping to divert HER thoughts.  After all, they are vicious brutes and do real damage here. They dive bomb passers by, they nest on roofs very near here and deliberately spray the washing with limewash, they walk over cars and scratch them, and snatch food from people , and rip open rubbish bags scattering nappies, and Export cans around the street.
So I am hoping that SHE will concentrate on blaming the Gulls.  They do attack starlings in Filey.
Oh dear HE has just found the dead blackbird behind the Wheely bin. He will know that a Gull couldn't get in that space.

Me , what me !  No , I have been here all day.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I wonder where dem boidies iz

I wonder where dem boidies iz?
My life has taken a turn for the better. Spring has sprung. I am poised, alert, and fit . SHE has started HER outdoor life again.  THEY are wearing threadbare clothes and aprons saying slogans that would embarrass a gardener in his world, doing tech speak and taking frequent  tea breaks in the sunny corner.  They do more mugs of tea than they do real GW stuff.
I watch them of course, and listen, its good to be out and about with them.I just love their tech speak.
Lets put the Echiums in front of the wall
Is it a pininana  or a wildpretti  
I think its a cross
What colour will fastuosum be
and 5'high
What about italicum
I just go and Google it on Images

Yes, they are moving the plants out of the greenhouse again. Good news , I can sit in there again and watch the boides. I give them a week.  HE will move plant pots all week.  He will annoy HER by tipping the dead ones in the wrong place.SHE will annoy HIM by insisting HE cleans the greenhouse out with Jeyes Fluid.  HE will dab it around a bit and say HE'S done it.  BUT I will be back on my Lounger, watching and waiting.

Then I might go out with them whilst they have another mug of tea, and read the Sunday Times, THEM I mean. I am wondering where dem boides iz?