Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is ok! OUR first night in Cottage

I quite like it. It smells of home anyway.
I was taken from Kiaora this morning to the Vet Lady (who I adore). She gave me something to calm me and then got her assistant to take out all my tangles on my tum with scissors. I had my teeth done too. I had had nothing to eat so was quite famished when I got to the cottage. SHE had to go and get me the prescribed Chicken . Thank God HE didnt really hear vet lady say give him some scrambled egg but only the or chicken bit. It was pouring with rain but still SHE went in search of a cooked Chicken, SPAR no,Butchers1 no,Butchers 2 no, so SHE had to go to T...... Never mind your Principles say I , It was DELICIOUS.
Ive had a good smell round the cottage. There are plenty of hiding places for me. I've already hidden under the desk, and in the shower room. I can see out of the new cat flap on to the yard. I think I'll manage, I heard THEM say that when I can go out THEY might just cut a flap out of the back gate so I can go into the wilds of the Ravine.
SHE is just getting the snacks ready for HOMEGROUP tonight,  Healthy ones of course, pineapple and grapes and stuff, and whilst HE is going upstairs to get something I am going to sneak up and see what its like in the rest of my NEW HOME.

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Spruce said...

Be brave , Samson . Its great if you can sneak up those stairs . Get to the top floor and hide under a bed ! The yard may be a bit boring but you would only get your lovely untangled coat tangled again ,if you headed for the Ravine . Enjoy your new bed and snuggle in front of the log burner ! Bliss !